Wedding Video Choices...

The Standard Package - Starting at $1500


Our standard service has one cameraman arriving on your wedding.  Your cameraman will record in High Definition for up to 6 hours. 

Editing will produce a 3-5 minute highlight and 45-60 minute version of your wedding day incorporating the special moments from your ceremony and reception.  Your final videos will be delivered on 2 DVDs or 1 Blu-ray™ disc. 


The Film Package - Starting at $2500


Our premium service has at least two cameraman arriving on your wedding.  Actual filming may start earlier, maybe days or weeks earlier. This style of video incorporates interviews with the bride and groom before the wedding and often narrates the film.  All cameras are High Definition.  We use a variety of stylish shots that cannot be filmed in a package with only one cameraman.


Editing will produce a television quality edit full of stylistic footage, graphics and a narrated story.  All film packages are delivered on Blu-ray™ discs with multiple tracks of features.  You will get a comprehensive look at your wedding day from several different angles.


The Pro Package - Starting at $3500


In addition to all that the Film Package offers, ( 2 cameramen for the day, the option to have the rehearsal dinner filmed, Blu-ray™ discs and digital files) this package adds a GoPro™ camera.  We give you the camera and a quick tutorial the week of your wedding and you use to shoot as much as you like of your wedding week and honeymoon.  You can use this little camera to record video of your excursions.  You send us back the memory card and we add the footage into your wedding DVD and Blu-ray™.



Destination Package - Starting at $3500 plus expenses*


We are able to bring our services out on the road.  You get a crew of two people shooting on several days of your trip.  Your wedding day is the priority, but we are at your disposal for day trips, excursions or just capturing some of the flair and flavor of your chosen destination.


Your wedding Blu-ray™ can be created with additional featurettes of aspects of your trip or as a separate Blu-ray™.


*Expenses include travel, lodging and excursions.