Fit for a Grand Occasion

In the last few months, I've gone to a few events at the Grand Hotel in Cape May.  I'm always greeted with a friendly smile.  The event coordinators are fantastic.  They are always happy and know their stuff. 

The events that I've gone to have been on the 5th floor of the hotel.  There are separate areas for the cocktail hour and reception.  The ballroom takes up most of the 5th floor and can be scaled to fit the event.  The decor is great but one of the most amazing features is the view! The beach front location overlooks the ocean and really isn't to be missed!

Continuing to impress is the food.  The last event I attended was a tasting.  The in-house catering was beyond belief.  The salmon, the crab-cakes, the filet mignon, stuffed-flounder- all out of this world!  This isn't surprising as The Grand Hotel is home to E.M. Hemingway's, which is one of Cape May's best steak and seafood restaurants. 

From what I've seen, the Grand is definitely worth checking out.