A trend or just trending

With each new season, there are new trends.  Some are fads while others stand the test of time.  How can you tell what will be around in another ten years and what will be embarrassing to look back on?  (Who remembers the big hair craze of the 1980's?)  Thousands of wedding photos show that hair spray was the most popular thing in the decade.  The 1990's had all their own issues.  Most of the embarrassing stuff is hidden from the wedding photos though.  A pretty white dress never seems to go out of style.  Men's suits and tuxedos can only get so wild.  Its kind of a built-in safeguard.  As time goes on, tastes change with the seasons. 

But having a good time never goes out of style.  I say go for it.  Whatever seems fun, whatever makes you happy, just go for it.  You only get one wedding day.  Put your mark on it. 

We'll film it. 

You can judge the styles later.  Just stay away from the bleached eyebrow look.