Decision Overload?

Too many decision to make before your wedding?  We feel for you.

If you want to book a videographer and not have to work about another thing, we've got you covered.

Once you decide you want us, we'll figure out all of the rest.

A Love Story for All Time

So here's the thing...

On your wedding day, a lot of things are going to happen. Hundreds of decisions that you had to make on hundreds of things will be on full display.  They will be all around you all day long.  You will have put in a lot of effort in making your wedding, yours.  

As your wedding day happens, these tiny but important details will come together to make up the bigger picture. The picture of your wedding day.  And alas, as many of these visuals come together, so do the sounds.  The band or DJ that you chose will be setting the soundtrack of your day. The readings during the ceremony, the speeches and toasts will be the commentary track of your love story.

It's all so cinematic. It's a story worthy of the big screen.  We capture it that way.


Short Video or Long Video? Wedding Video or No Wedding Video?

When thinking about your wedding video, what length do you imagine?

Your wedding day is going to be very long and at the same time will be gone in the blink of an eye.  So how will you remember it?  There will be hundreds of little moments that you will want to capture and remember for all time.

Months of planning, thousands of decisions made and so many details to make your wedding day amazing...You'll want to remember them all!

You'll want a video as long as the day itself! Or maybe not.

Why not give yourself the option to relive all of the details in a slightly longer video for when you are really feeling nostalgic or see a few minutes of one of the greatest days in your life when you have a few minutes to spare?

Our video options all give you short and long highlights to suit your mood. A 3 minute version to jump-start a few memories or a 60 minute version to show you some of the things you missed on such a busy (yet amazing) day.

No bad options here!

The only bad decision is skipping the video :(